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This is the details about

Shooting in Paris

~ June 2019.

kakao talk: sein0112

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0. Comparative Advantage

The main purpose of this shooting is 

to capture the unforgettable moment in Paris.

I have 4 comparative advantages than the others.

- Only 2 weeks to recieve all files including edit.

- Also Using Film camera. It is an analog.

- The price does not change. It is fixed.

- I am handling all process of Consulting, Shooting, Editing.


1. Course of Shooting


A: Chaillot Palace -> Seine River -> Pont de Birhakeim

B: Tuileries Garden -> Louvre Museum -> Pont des Arts

C: Marais -> Seine River -> Notre Dam de Paris

Or, just tell me where you want to visit.

I can recommend some good locations around there.

Ex1). Eiffel Tower -> Seine River -> Louvre Museum

Ex2). Monmartre -> Place du Tertre -> Pigalle Basketball Court

Ex3). Movie [Midnight in Paris], [Before Sunset] locations.

*We do net enter into the building because of the etiquette.

(Inside the Museum, gallery, Cruise and Cafe.)

2. Time

2 hours, 3 hours and 4 hours.

Day shooting starts from 10am.

Sunset shooting differs by month.

We can start the sunset shooting about.

JAN: 4pm, FEB: 15pm, MAR: 16pm,

APL: 7pm, MAY: 8pm, JUN: 9pm

*Sunset shooting has extra charge for 30 euros.

*3 hours shooting. 

You can separate time 1h 30m a day.

*4 hours shooting

you can separate time 2h an each day.

3. Photographs

You can get digital and film photographs.

Digital Original: All digital photos we made.

Film Original: Scanned files taken by 35mm film camera.

Color Correction: Brightness, Distortion, Color is edited.

Professional Edit: Precise edit including face or body.