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Photoshoot in Paris 

By Sein Ryu

~ Aug, 2018
Capture your unforgettable moments in Paris
This photoshoot is about
#portrait #profile #romantic
#sunset #color #film
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 The followings are the details about
photoshoot in Paris
0. Ideal
The main goal of this work is to make your time unforgettable.
Furthermore, I want to give the emotional feeling into your photography.
Keep your portraits in Paris for a long time
1. Location
The location is customized, 
There are the recommended points
A: Palais de Chaillot -> Pont de Birhakeim -> Tour Eiffel
B: Musée du Louvre  -> Jardin des Tuileries -> La Seine
2. Time
We can take the photo 2 or 3 hours
The walking time is included.
Daytime is starting at 10am, 1pm, and 3pm.
Sunset time is different with the months
April: 7pm ~
May: 8pm ~
June to July: 9pm ~
August: 8pm ~
*May ~ August sunset times costs 30 euros more for additional fee
*If you take 3 hours shooting, you can separate for 1:30 in one way
3. Outputs
Originals: All DSLR jpeg files.
Film: These are scanned files (not printed photos)
Color edits: Color, Brightness, Distortion is edited. 
Detail edits: Face, Body is retouched including color details
*Film scanning files also can be edited.
4. Price, Reservation, Photo
The price is same as people from Korea.
There is no additional fee. 
*Sunset time will add 30 euros.
*This color is sunset time price
1). Solo _ 2 hours _ 200(230)
Original DSLR photos 300+
Original Film photos 35
Color edited photos 30
Detail edited photos 10
You can get total 40 edited photos.
2). Solo _ 3 hours _ 280(310)€
*You can divide 3 hours into 1h 30m in oneway.
Original DSLR photos 300+
Original Film photos 35 
Color edited photos 40 
Detail edited photos 15 
You can get total 55 edited photos.
3). Couple _ 2 hours _ 340(370)€
Original DSLR photos 300+
Original Film photos 35 
Color edited photos 40 
Detail edited photos 15 
You can get total 55 edited photos.
4). Couple _ 3 hours _ 400(430)
*You can divide 3 hours into 1h 30m in oneway.
Original DSLR photos 400+
Original Film photos 70 
Color edited photos 50 
Detail edited photos 20 
You can get total 70 edited photos.
5. Changing, Cancel the Reservation
You can change the date and time if photographer's schedule is possible. 
6. Editing Period
It is important to get the photographs as soon as possible. You can receive the entire files within only 1 week. I manage the schedule so that work is not overloaded.
7. Weather
 The weather in Paris is really hard to predict. So, we will go on even if it rains on the shooting day.
8. About Editing
The most important thing in the travel photography is the color and mood. Every photographer's have their own editing skills which mean presets. Using them, I retouch the whole files one by one on myself. Film files also can be edited. 
10. Other Notes
- Reserve the shooing date, as soon as possible when you come Paris.
If the weather condition is bad, we can change another date.
- You can change the clothes, for that we stop by the nearest Cafe.
We can pay the price of coffee each.
- For good results, please make your baggages minimized.
Thank you.
+33 7 69 77 42 76
kakao talk: sein0112
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